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How To Prepare Carrots To Help Reduce Your Risks Of Cancer


In my last blog post I wrote about tips to help you shop for carrots to maximize their nutrional value. In this post I'd like to continue the conversation on carrots and move on to the best ways to prepare your orange vegetable once you get it home.

Carrots are most nutritious when cooked instead of eating raw or freezing them. You will destroy half of their antioxidant value by the later. When you cook the carrots the heat breaks down their tough cell walls, making some of their nutrients more bioavailable.

It matters how you cook carrots and whether you keep them whole or cut. Sauteed or steamed carrots retain more of their food value because the carrots are in contact with less water.

Just as important, if you want to get more of the nutrients then you need to keep the carrots whole when you cook them. It has been shown that eating carrots that have been cooked whole may even reduce your risk of cancer. Carrots have a cancer- fighting compound called falcarinol. British research shows that whole-cooked carrots have 25 % more falcarinol than carrots that have been cut before cooking. As an added bonus, whole-cooked carrots retain more of their natural sweetness.


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