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How To Get 8x's More Beta-Carotene The Next Time You Eat Carrots


Knowing which ones to choose and how to prepare them could make a significant difference in you health.

Carrots are low in fat, high in fiber, low in calories and a good source of beta-carotene. Most of their calories come from sugar, but there is not enough sugar in a serving of carrots to wreak havoc with your blood sugar.*

Did you know that by making some simple changes when you shop, prepare and cook carrots you can triple the nutrients you get from carrots and enhance their flavor at the same time.

Lets talk about an easy peasy swap when you’re shopping at the grocery store. Instead of grabbing for a bag of baby carrots reach for the carrots with their green tops still attached. These will be the freshest and sweetest. At the most they will be a few weeks old.

Here’s what you didn’t know about the baby carrots. As convenient as baby carrots are, there is not much nutritional value let at this stage of the game. First of all, carrots purchased without their tops are not as fresh as the ones with their tops and can be up to two months old. The most nutritious part of the carrot is the outer part. The most concentration of nutrients is in the skin and the tissue right below it. When you whittle away the outer portion of the carrot, you remove one third of its phytonutrients.

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