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Bone Broth May Not Be Sexy But It Is Healthful

Are you looking for a healthy alternative to the sugary, empty calorie and caffeinated drinks that are a part of your everyday diet? Here is an Easy Peasy Swap that has way more benefits than you can imagine.


Improving your health and keeping your cancer cells turned off can be as easy as making a few small swaps with your diet that results in huge benefits! Think about making choices for the long haul, not the mentality of eating because it is sexy, trendy or the latest craze.  





A cup of bone broth is a delicious SWAP... 

I've been drinking bone broth for over three years now. I especially enjoy a warm delicious cup in the fall/winter months. It is a healthful alternative to anything else you usually turn to quench your thirst. Bone broth is easy to make and easy to have on hand as your go-to drink. The benefits of bone broth are endless....

This alternative to your cup of joe helps in weight-loss and is anti-aging. The collagen helps with bone health and improves your complextion by erasing your wrinkles. Provides dense nutrients and minerals. Aids in digestion and heals your gut health. Detoxifies your body. Its anti-inflammatory that helps with obesity, diabetes and autoimmune diseases...

This cup of bone broth rivals any of the sugary, empty calorie drinks that you normally consume.

Start today by swapping out just one cup of bone broth instead of your usual unhealthy choice. An easy swap for me was in the late afternoon when I usually gravitate towards a pick-me-up cup of coffee. I take a short afternoon break by relaxing and sip on a hot cup of bone broth. This is much healthier choice that I've become hooked on. Try it... You'll love it!

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