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Metformin Is Indicated As A Potential Anticancer Drug


The effects of metformin as a breast cancer target have been studied extensively. A study published in Cancer Research found that metformin targets cancer stem cell in four genetically different kinds of breast cancer cell lines. Treatment with a low dose of metformin was found to eliminate cancer cells, possibly due to the inhibition of the inflammatory pathway. This observation could be the definitive link between the diabetic drug and its anticancer benefits, since inflammation plays a key role in both diseases.

Please have a discussion with your doctor about taking metformin. It virtually has little to no side effects and is very cheap. I've added this drug to my treatment regime. I predict that metformin will be used like aspirin is used today. Aspirin is cheap and used as a daily medicine to help with my many different diseases. Metformin is typically used as a first line of defense against type 2 diabetes. Metformin has been found to reduce blood sugar levels in people. Hence, reducing the glucose that cancer cells feed off of.

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