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The Fitness Factor

How many of you get anxious or overwhelmed by fear when you hear about a family member, friend or acquaintance that was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer? You are not alone. It has been my experience since my diagnosis from talking to many women about breast health awareness that most of you are scared to death about getting cancer.  Many of you have so much fear that you won't even go to get a mammogram because you fear that you will be the next one diagnosed with breast cancer. 

So what can you do to help over come your fear of getting breast cancer? If I told you that exercise can reduce your chances of getting cancer as well as getting a recurrence as much as 30%, would that motivate you to make some different lifestyle choices? Current research indicates that exercise appears to help prevent cancer and recurrence. Besides reducing your cancer risk, physical activity can help alleviate other symptoms including fatigue, memory loss, sleep disturbances, weight gain and breathing problems.

Start to take control today to find a physical activity that you enjoy! Improve your quality of health and reduce your risk and fear of getting cancer. Click link below to read more about The Fitness Factor.

According to National Cancer Institutes

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