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Seeds, Legumes And Grains Oh My!


This post is a continuation of the last few blog posts written on the topic of inflammation. Hopefully you agree that you need to make some changes to your diet if you want to reduce your inflammation and any symptoms you may be experiencing. 

I wrote about how your diet can have a huge impact on staying in a chronic state of inflammation or better yet sooth and reduce your inflammation.


There are food groups in your diet to choose from that are anti-inflammatory. In the last post I told you about fiber and that we all need to get more fiber in our diets. I listed quite a few different fruits and vegetables that are great options to eat instead of some of the really unhealthy choices that you are consuming on a regular basis. So did you make any attempts at switching out your not so good choices with one of the fruits and vegetables on the list? How did it go? It probably was not as difficult as you might have thought. You probably felt better too.

In addition, seeds, legumes and grains are an excellent source of fiber that fit the bill for anti-inflammatory foods.

Seeds and legumes:

Chia seeds, flaxseeds, lentils, chickpeas, black beans and Black-eyed peas. 


Quinoa, Steel-cut oats, brown rice, Barley and buckwheat.

Many of you may be wondering where to start? I would suggest starting in the morning for breakfast. We all like to start off the day on a good foot. Plus these fibrous foods are very filling and will satisfy you hunger longer than your usual meal. Try swapping out your carbohydrate loaded am meal with steel-cut oats or a smoothie with chia seeds. Both are fast and easy and don't require a lot of preparation or fuss. 

Muddle over this for a few days and I'll be back with more anti-inflammatory foods to help you fight inflammation!



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